Why is sustainability important to us?

Since JTC was founded back in 2007, we have been noticing drastic changes to the environment. A truck load of plastic enters the ocean every second and this is evident while sailing. We want to help resolve this issue and support NGOs who are tackling the plastic crisis. We also have local friends in all destinations we visit and you can notice changes to their local areas such as the Caribbean and in south east Asia. We want to help and be sustainable as possible. We feel its time for change and we want to lead by example. 

1% for the Planet

We are supporting 1% of the planet and their mission to support environmental organisations. We donate 1% of our gross sales from each cruise to the organisation an organisation of your choice. 

  • The Ocean Clean up

    We are supporting The Ocean Clean Up and their mission to resolve the issue of plastic entering our oceans. Their aim is to eliminate 90% of the oceans floating plastic and create world for all ecosystems to thrive in again. This is an important organization to us 

  • Street dogs in Greece

    There are now over 1 million stray dogs and cats in Greece. It is a problem for locals and tourists. To tackle this issue we are supporting charitable organisations by donating a percentage of the sales from each one of our cruises. You can choose to support this issue.

  • Help the Bahamas

    We are supporting regions in the Caribbean after natural disasters. Our fundraising campaign for Barbuda after Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean is one example. We are currently working on organisations to partner with to tackle this issue. Donations will be provided from JTC cruises.

Sustainable sailing

Less engine use

Everytime we sail, we want to limit the use of our engines as much as possible. We hoist our sails and let the wind take us to the next bay. This is real sailing. 


We recommend everyone who is sailing with JTC to find the most sustainable way to each destination. We are also suggesting our customers to support atmosfair. This company supports developing countries create renewable energy. You would donate a certain amount of money based on the amount of CO2 emissions that you use.


While packing, try to bring necessities. Nothing that is not needed for the trip. There is no real need to bring plastic inflatables such as plastic dinghies or doughnuts. They are usually forgotten and thrown out at the end of the trip. 

Reducing plastic onboard 

After each party or meal that you cook, there is usually lots of plastic waste. To help combat this, it would be great if you can bring your own refillable cups for alcohol beverages ;) and reusable bags for shopping. This will limit the amount of plastic onboard. 

Beach clean ups

On some trips, we notice that beaches have been bombarded with rubbish, especially on less touristic beaches. We try to clean beaches when we see rubbish left there and there is also a trip dedicated to this "sail and clean" where you can enter a contest to be eligible for the project. 

Our Projects

  • Recycled bags

    Our idea of sustainability is also reflected in our idea for the JTC sailing bag. Consisting of used sails and produced under fair conditions by refugees in Amsterdam. Reusable bags are a way to fight against plastic bags. 

    More info
  • Sail and Clean

    There is a worldwide issue with plastic waste entering our oceans. We have put together a sail and clean program to help fight this issue:) Through sailing, we are cleaning up plastic rubbish from oceans and beaches. 

    More info
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