Team spirit and new experiences

A sailing trip with Join The Crew is of course about sailing, but what makes every trip so unforgettable is much more. It's about meeting new people, experiencing exciting group moments together, learning new things about yourself and just getting down. Then you come back with new energy, new insights and new friends for life. And this is how it works:

  • You and your group set the limits of each week: Look on the map, check the weather and choose your route. This is what freedom under sails is all about!

  • Appreciate what nature can offer. We sail, explore isolated areas and spend our evenings in remote bays. Everyday, we try to  leave a positive a footprint on the world.

  • Our spirit is about sailing as a team and caring for each other. Learn sailing and build unforgettable relationships. Let your skipper be your partner in crime.

  • Solo travel is all about freedom. You get to make your own decisions on what trip you want to experience. Meet new friends onboard and have an experience of a lifetime.

  • Get a chance to visit small villages and connect with the locals through sailing. Learn their daily lifestyles and taste some authentic food. This is one of the most memorable parts of the trip. 

  • Sailing is a great way to destress from everyday life. Relax on the boat and enjoy the sounds of the waves and the wind. Enjoy sailing to breathtaking sunsets. This is the way to relax.

How to book

1. Choose your location

Croatia or Greece? Caribbean or Thailand? Choose your personal paradise from over 20 sailing areas. Almost all sailing trips are suitable for beginners (even without a sailing license). Can't decide? Contact us and we can help with your decision.

2. Choose a Yacht or Cabin

Looking to travel solo or in a group? You can select a yacht or cabin to which suits your needs. We take care of the boat, skipper and organization - you just have to arrive and enjoy the fun!

3. Payment 

To make the payment as safe and convenient for you as possible, you will find all common payment methods, such as PayPal, visa or credit card. When booking, you pay 30% of the cruise price, with the rest you have 6 weeks before the cruise. Do you need time to think? You can reserve each sailing trip for 5 days without any obligation.

4. Crew Chat

Get to know all participants of your sailing trip online before departure in the crew chat. For example, you plan the journey together - maybe you are on the same plane and you can toast to the holiday together. Start off in style.

Boat life

On the boat while sailing are some of the best moments of the trip. From learning to sail, building relationships and visiting unreachable locations.

Land activities

A common question we get is what do we do on land. It is up to you and you group on what you want to do. Below are some of the most common activities.

Bay time

It is all about bay time.... Each destination you visit have some spectacular bays. At the bays you meet other boats, chill or have fun. 

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