Why it started

Sailing was life-changing

From the first trips sailing taught me respect and love for nature. Planning each route in harmony with the weather and by the mood of the people on board gave me a feeling of freedom and resulted in many crazy adventures. Forming a sailing team with people from different backgrounds gave me new perspectives and new friends for life.

We are one crew

All these experiences changed my life. It became my life mission to enable the same experiences for other people. In 2007 I started a company organizing sailing trips. As engaging all team members in the boat life, so treating them as “crew” and not as “guests”,  was crucial to experiencing life-changing moments and not just getting fancy pictures, there was no better name than “Join The Crew” to name the company.

Our Values

  • Be open

    At JTC we try to create an environment, where everyone feels welcomed. It refers to how we live within our sailing crew and how we act with the locals. This approach lets us learn from each other and gain experiences, that make this trip an amazing experience, that can influence in positive and lasting way 

  • Feel excited

    Each skipper on these trips has a pure passion for sailing. Some have come through our sailing academy and some are born veterans. With their passion for sailing, they will show you the ropes and reveal to you a whole another element of life. You are going to learn how to sail like a pro from an experienced skipper and have fun along the way. Try to live in the moment while being onboard as it is a moment that you will never forget. 

  • Chill out / Serenity

    Our routes and using sails as much as possible which lets you reconnect with nature. Our Skippers inspire you with their relaxed way of life, easy communication within the group and easygoing attitude towards sailing each day. The outcome for you: whether you are a sailing pro or a first timer - you are going to reset and relax as deeply as possible like never before. 

  • Live sustainably

    Being sustainable is one of our core values. We try to showcase this on each one of our trips. We want to give back to the world as much as we can and leave a positive footprint on our beautiful Earth. We sail naturally through hoisting our sails and encourage all sailors to minimise their plastic usage onboard and use biodegradable toiletries. We love the earth that we are apart of and we will always try our best to preserve our oceans 

  • Lifelong Community

    So what makes over 700 people come to our After-Sail-Party each year? During the trip each participant is instructed by the skipper, so that each is able to contribute to the yacht getting safe to next harbour. All participants and the skipper become one crew, sharing the boat life together. This unique experience goes well beyond the week of sailing, it creates lasting friendships that you will never forget. 

Join The Crew Today

JTC was started in a tiny room in a student house back in 2007. Today we are over 100 skippers and 11 people in the offices in Wroclaw and Berlin. All of us share the purpose of Join The Crew to deliver life-changing adventures for over 3000 participants each year in 23 destinations worldwide. 

Our vision is to create an international community of over 1 million people, connected by a simple way of life close to nature and a kind treating of others and nature, who can make a positive impact on the world

Our team

Dominik - Founder
Ari - Operations
Matthias - Marketing Manager
Julia - Customer Service
Luke - Marketing
Dennis - Social media
Mario - Head Skipper
Simon - Skipper
Gregor - Skipper
Leo - Skipper
Dennis - Skipper
Marvin - Skipper
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